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BMW e30 Roll Cage

E30’s racing pedigree The E30 was, from its launch, an atypical saloon car. Although it could do anything a saloon car is required to do: carrying five people and their luggage, making the school run in the morning, then getting to work in comfort, peace and quiet, the E30 somehow let you know that underneath [...]

BMW E30 Alternative Fuel

Nowadays, when the fuel price went sky high, all car manufacturers try to come up with efficient solutions. More and more manufacturers have an hybrid model in their offer, but these cars don’t have great success at the customers, due to the high selling price, they’re not very convincing performance and the rumors that are [...]

BMW e30 Engine Types and Power

The BMW E30 is a cult favorite car. When it left the factory it had various types of engines under the bonnet, that suited every driving style. However, most of us when we think about an E30, have in mind a powerful 325i or a cabriolet, and of course, a state of the art M3. [...]

BMW e30 M Power

A brief history of the “M” badge It all began in 1972, when a small number of BMW employees were designated to work on the manufacturer’s racing program. It was called Motorsport (M) and the cars badged with the distinctive red, blue and purple stripes dominated touring car, Formula 2 and Formula 1 competitions in [...]

BMW e30 M Technic

What does M technic mean? The M E30 was the car that set up the M madness, it was the first M model from BMW that remained in the heart of all passionate drivers, and gained in short time cult status. Although it is a rare model, and at the time of its launch a [...]

BMW e30 Turbo

E30 and turbo chargers – not very much in common, apparently Turbochargers increase the air mass that enters the engine pistons by forcing it in, improving the combustion and the engine’s power. This technology proved to be very useful, not just in industrial engines, but also for the ones in our every day cars, that [...]